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Custom Cut Pick N' Pluck Foam

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All cases purchased with Pick N' Pluck foam will include Convolute foam in the lid and a flatpad below the Pick N' Pluck.

Order Pick N' Pluck Foam cut to any dimensions you specify. It doesn't matter if you bought a case from us or if you have your own. Buy pick n pluck foam inserts by the sheet. Specify the dimensions and layers to be ordered and our foam fabrication facility will cut the foam down to size. Case Club is the only company offering Pick N' Pluck Foam cut to size.

Also, be sure to learn about the Different types of Foam as well as the Different Variations of Foam.

Our Pick N' Pluck foam is made of polyurethane 1.65 lb material and is standard in the industry. If you own any Pelican Cases with foam, our material is the same for comparison. If a higher density foam is needed, we also offer high density pick n' pluck foam inserts. High density is recommended for objects which are heavier than normal or irregularly shaped as it provides a denser alternative to the standard polyurethane.

Choosing between Custom Foam Inserts & Pick N Pluck Foam

Every situation is different so sometimes its difficult to decide whether your cases require Custom Foam Inserts or Pick N' Pluck Foam so we've put together a helpful guide.


Pick N' Pluck Foam

Custom Foam

Polyurethane Foam
High Density Polyurethane Foam
Polyethylene Foam
Aesthetically Pleasing
Safety Rating 1-5 3 5
Longevity Rating 1-5 1 5
Price Rating 5 3

1 to be the worst-5 being the best

Whole Pick N' Pluck Foam Set

When ordering our Pick N' Pluck Foam you have 3 options to choose from. The dimensions, the layer thickness and lastly the type of foam.

Dimensions of the Pick N Pluck FoamCustom Pick N' Pluck Foam with Camera

When deciding the dimensions of your pick n' pluck foam be sure to take note of the maximum dimensions of 28" Length x 17" Width. If you order pick n' pluck foam with the length or width longer than these, the order will come in multiple pieces. For most customers this is not a big deal as the 2 pieces of Pick N' Pluck can simply be put together in the case and still be used. It is something that should be taken into consideration when ordering pick n' pluck custom foam inserts.

Layer Thickness of the Foam Insert

Since our foam inserts are mainly bought to go into carrying cases & shipping cases we give you the freedom to decide what thickness each layer should be. In other words if your custom pick n' pluck foam insert has a total depth of 10 inches, a solid block of foam would do you no good. So you can specify how many layers the 10" foam Pick N' Pluck up Closedepth will include. Will you have 10 layers each at 1"? 5 layers at 2"? Perhaps only 4 layers of foam each at 1.25". The choice is up to you. We give you the tools to specify, and are happy to follow your directions.

Foam Type for Custom Pick N Pluck

The last variable to consider when ordering our custom pick n' pluck foam is the foam type. Currently there are two types of foam to choose from. The first which is called Polyurethane is standard and will work for most applications. The second type of foam is high density polyurethane. High density is an alternative to standard foam and is much denser. Remember when it comes to foam inserts whether they're stock or custom you want to give your products cushion. If your product is light weight a high density foam insert won't be enough cushion to protect it.


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