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Pick Ní Pluck Foam Description

You have purchased a case to house your expensive metal plating equipment. You have decided that you need foam to help protect it. Pick Ní Pluck foam will do the job and do it right. You can get just the thickness you need and customize it yourself so that it will fit what you want to protect. Case Club can help.

Standard Pick Ní Pluck foam is made of polyurethane. If you think you need denser foam, high density Pick Ní Pluck foam is available. High density is recommended for heavy or irregularly shaped objects.

Pick Ní Pluck foam can be cut to any dimensions you specify. It does not matter if you did not buy a Pelican case. Case Club can fit the foam to any case. This foam comes in sheets. These sheets are then cut to whatever dimensions are needed. They are the only company that offers Pick Ní Pluck foam cut to size. There are 3 variables to consider when you are ordering. The dimensions, layers, and type of foam.

When you supply them with your dimensions, remember that if you order anything bigger that 28 inches in length by 17 inches in width, you will get multiple pieces of foam. Usually this is no problem as the pieces can be put together and still used in your case.

Since Case Clubís foam inserts are mainly used to go in cases, they let you decide how thick the layers should be. This means that if you want your foam 6 inches thick you can have each layer be 1 inch thick or 3 layers 2 inches thick and so on. They will be happy to accommodate you.

The last thing you need to consider is which type of foam to use. Standard polyurethane foam or high-density polyurethane foam. Think about how much cushion you want your object to have. If it is heavy, the more density your foam has, the better it is protected. Lightweight objects are better protected by standard polyurethane foam.

Case Club has some helpful tips for how to create the cavities that fit the shape, size, and weight of the equipment you want to put in your case. Place it on top of the foam to see how you want it to lay. If you have more than one object, arrange them by weight and size. Large, heavy pieces of equipment should be closer to the hinges and light ones towards the latches.

Look at how much the foam is depressed by your equipment. Heavier equipment needs more foam between it and other lighter pieces, as well as the case walls. Balance your case by putting heavy equipment towards the center of the case. You can surround them with the lighter ones. The better your case is balanced, the easier it will travel. Case Club will gladly answer any other questions you may have regarding their Pick Ní Pluck foam product.

Pick N' Pluck Foam


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