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Pelican Pick N' Pluck Foam

Pelican has long been a name to rely on for durable cases to protect oneís valuables. Little has been said about the stock foam that they supply for many of these cases. They furnish Pick and Pluck foam so that a person can take pieces out so the foam will fit the object they wish to protect from harm.

There are usually 3 types of foam supplied to the customer. A convolute piece in the lid and Pick and Pluck resting on top of flat foam in the bottom. The Pick N' Pluck foam consists of blocks of high-density foam, which are pre-scored vertically. The pre-scoring allows the customer to easily pluck pieces of the foam away. As the blocks of foam are removed, a snug fitting cavity is formed around what ever the customer is putting in the case.

Pick N' Pluck foam can also be custom cut to fit the size of the case the customer has. Once it has been cut to fit the case, it is non-returnable. To make sure it fits right, just enter the inside measurement of the case in our online form. If a customer has a large case, they will probably need more than one piece of Pick N' Pluck foam. Once the customer has determined the size of the foam insert they need, Pelican can have it ready for them in 1-3 days.

If a customer plucks too many pieces of foam out, they can easily replace the pieces with a clear rubber cement or spray adhesive. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label of the glue that is used for replacement.

Pelicanís Pick N' Pluck foam is great for protecting any equipment or valuable electronic items. Jewelry and precious works of art are kept safe and sound surrounded by this foam. This foam holds what is placed in it stationary so it will not slide against the case and be damaged. No matter how much abuse the case itself takes, what is inside remains intact.

Pick N' Pluck foam is economical and usually fitís the needs of the average buyer. If a customer wants or needs a more exact fit for their valuable item, Case Club makes Custom foam inserts. Pick N' Pluck foam is easy to work with and looks professional. A customer can learn the ins and outs of plucking the foam in a short period of time.

Once it is seen how well this foam performs, the customer will be happy with their choice. They have decided to invest in the best case for their money. They want the best foam for their case too. A customer can be sure that Pick N' Pluck foam will be the best foam for them. It will protect and cushion their valuables for years to come.

Pick N' Pluck Foam


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