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Pick N' Pluck Foam Article

With most of the Case Club's cases a Pick N Pluck polyurethane foam can also be ordered (with a few exceptions such as Rackmount cases) that makes these tough and sturdy cases sophisticated enough from inside to be able to keep different items ranging from rifles, guns, magazines, lasers, cameras, lenses, laptops, electronic gadgets, plumbing tools, scientific instruments and the list can go on long enough to meet your imagination.

The best feature of Pick N' Pluck Foam is that it can be adjusted to fit the size of items you want to keep in it and depending on the size of the case, you can make segments to put different things together yet separated. The prescribed minimum space between two items if they are lightweight is half an inch while it is one to one and a half inches for delicate lightweight items such as cameras or laptops. For medium weight items it is one to two inches depending on the items. For heavy items it is however suggested to use denser foam such as high density polyurethane. Please note that closed cell polyethylene cannot be made into Pick N' Pluck.

You should place your equipment or items properly in the pre-cut area for maximum protection. It is advised to stick toothpicks as reference points at all the corners of the portion (plug) to be removed. Pick N' Pluck Foam keeps the items in their proper place while the cases are being transported from one place to another. This provides support and safety to these different items. The biggest advantage of Pick N Pluck foam is that if it is cut wrong for any reason you can glue it back to the wall with the help of an adhesive spray (3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive) made for polyester foams which is available at most of the art or stationary supply shops.

The Pick N Pluck foam inside cases assures you that your items are kept inside and are safe and secure. These items are held to fit within the foam and therefore there is no chance of one item hitting the other when the cases are being moved from one place to another.

You should therefore consider Pick N Pluck Foam while purchasing cases keeping in mind the safety of your equipment. You can also order blank foam as well. So, next time when you are buying a case from Case Club, remember to get the Pick N Pluck foam as well.

Pick N' Pluck Foam


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