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Pick N Pluck Foam for SKB Cases

SKB Cases are some of the toughest and most indestructible cases and can be ordered with pre-scored Pick N' Pluck Foam that takes care of the delicate items kept within the case. The foam made of polyurethane can be easily plucked out to give a comfortable fit to whatever is being kept in them whether it is a gun or a rifle or a camera or a laptop. They offer these equipments the protection one can expect in harshest and toughest working environments. Since the foam can be taken out easily Pick N' Pluck is also known as Diced foam, perforated foam or Pinch and Tear foam.

You can buy the stock foam set which is generally offered with most of the cases and commonly known as a Pick N' Pluck foam set. It is quite economical for an average buyer and includes three or more layers of foam pads. The first layer is the convoluted lid, a few layers of Pick N Pluck foam and the base flat pad on which the above layers rest. The case may include one or more middle layers of the Pick N Pluck pads depending on the size of the case. These stock foam sets are already made and available for quick delivery. You can also opt for purchasing the Custom foam that is more fitting to the case, but keep in mind that such foam pads cannot be returned as they have been custom cut to fit the size of your case. Blank foam sets can be made available on request if you are not interested in buying any of the above foam pads.

The biggest advantage other than the safety and security of your items offered by these Pluck N Pluck foam sets is that if by mistake one has removed more than the required foam cubes, they can put them back using a clear rubber-base cement or by spraying contact adhesive. These rubber base cement or spray contact adhesives are available at most of the art shops or office stores. So while you can cut these foam cubes to fit to the size of your equipments remember to keep minimum prescribed distance while placing each one of them. This is to ensure that the items dont mess up with each other while moving out to different places in different conditions.

It is important to note that while SKB Cases provide the protection to your equipments by their tough outer build, these foam pads provide the protection within the case. So, dont forget to get your SKB Ccases their own foam sets and keep your equipments safe and secure from the toughest conditions of frequent travelling and subsequent shipping of the case from one place to another.

Pick N' Pluck Foam


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