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Pick Ní Pluck Stock Foam Set

Pick Ní Pluck foam is a standard foam made from polyurethane. It is also referred to as pick and pluck foam. It is usually basic and can come stock in cases. There are two different kinds of pick and pluck foam. One is the standard polyurethane foam and the other is high density polyurethane foam. This foam is pre-scored for easy removal.

Depending on the size and weight of the object you want protected, you have two options to use. Standard pick and pluck is recommended for lighter weights and high density is better for larger, weightier objects. Once you know which one you need it is easy to fashion the cavity size your object will use.

Lay your object on the foam and begin by tracing it in either chalk or use a thick black marker that has a small tip. Since the foam will give a lot, the smaller tipped marker is better to use. Once you have your outline, you can move on to which ever method of removing the foam will work better.

The cutting method is recommended for objects with hard corners. Press the object into the foam and use a blade or your fingers along the sides of the object to separate the scored breaks. This foam will separate easily for you. Take out a small layer leaving enough foam for cushioning the object from the bottom or sides of the case. You can also use this method for square or rectangle shaped objects.

Plucking and cutting is the easiest method for square or rectangular objects. Break the score line all the way through the foam. Determine the thickness of the object and the depth of the case, and then remove a small block of foam. After removing the block of foam, you can use scissors to cut off what you need and replace it in the foam hole to use as an insert. You can also find the depth and remove the foam with your fingers. This does not leave a flat or even surface like cutting does. If your object is quite thick, you may not need to cut or pluck the foam.

Outlining in chalk is better for unevenly shaped objects, round objects, and curved ones. This is because you can remove it with a damp cloth or just turn the foam over if you are removing all the outlined foam.

For soft corners or unevenly shaped objects, adapt the cutting and plucking method to fit the foam around your object. Remember, the foam is pre-scored. Using a hobby knife with a long, thin blade should achieve the result you are looking for. The sharper the cutting edge of the knife, the cleaner the cut.

For thin objects, simply slip it into the foam by separating the scored foam. This forms a slot that you can push your item into. These are some of the ways for you to customize your foam yourself. Which ever method you choose, pick and pluck foam will protect your objects for many years.

Pick N' Pluck Foam


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